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What is Zionism?

Posted on May 8, 2012 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (1)

I wrote previously about when I first came acrossthis subject after 9/11. Trying to look around message boards forserious information at the time led me to The Independent newspaperwebsite, which in those days had a forum. It was over run withpeople flinging insults and nasty comments around. It was one of thenastiest forums I had come across at the time. It closed soon after.Nowadays I only see that sort of nastiness on Youtube.


Anyway, one of the words I came across was theword 'Zionist'. I had never heard of this word before, but it wascertainly being used as an insult. I'll be honest it sounded scaryand threatening. describes Zionism as:


a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted inthe establishment and development of the state of Israel.


 1. a political movement for the establishment andsupport of a national homeland for Jews in Palestine, now concernedchiefly with the development of the modern state of Israel

2. a policy or movement for Jews to return toPalestine from the Diaspora

Now, what exactly sounds dangerous or threateningabout that? Nothing says me.

Recently I was asked 'Are you a Zionist?'. Yetagain, I felt the questioner was asking this as though somehow beinga Zionist was a bad thing. My reply was 'If by Zionist you mean do Ithink Israel should exist as a state, then yes I am a Zionist'. Thereis no shame in that.

I recently came across a video on Youtube whereAlJazeera, interviewed a Jewish man who was a member of Jews AgainstZionism:


He actually argues for the dismantling of Israel!His argument, and that of his website and organisation, is that Jewsare intended to live in permanent exile. He also thinks that WWII wasGod's Will, so I think we can clearly dismiss this guy as a nutter,.

Now, I am an Atheist. Nothing winds me up morethan idiots who claim 'God gave us the land'. No. A book that waswritten 2000 years ago mentions Israel and that's fair enough. Therewas a book written a few years ago that mentions Hogwarts Academy,and no-one thinks that's real.

My support for Israel is not based on religion.It's based on fact. The fact is that Israel exists NOW. There arepeople living there who want to live in peace, just as I'm sure thereare people in the West Bank & Gaza who want to live in peace. I'mall for everyone living in peace wherever they want to.

Jewish Settlers Stoning Palestinian Children

Posted on April 12, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (3)

This video came to my attention on Youtube today:

Over the last few weeks, talking about Israel has meant hearing people use words and arguments I've all heard before. Basically, the suggestion that I'm 'Anti-Palestinian', that I 'look at everything Israel does through rose-coloured glasses', completely bias, etc etc. I always reject these claims totally.

I am pro-Human.

So, when I see a video like this, I am disgusted, angry, upset and disturbed. Chucking rocks at unarmed kids minding their own business? What the fuck is wrong with you? I don't even think Hamas' rockets justify this action. I hate the grown men throwing rocks at kids. 

The children's escort states that, to her knowledge, no-one has been arrested for this heinous crime.  That is wrong. Israel should sort that out.  I condemn them for not taking appropriate action, assuming that they're not.

So that is certainly this incident and others like it. I'm not going to make excuses for anyone who thinks it's OK to throw rocks at kids. 

What I think is worth pointing out though, is we're not seeing what Israel faces from the other side. On another day there might have been an armed gang throwing rockets.

That doesn't justify throwing rocks at kids on this particular day. I still don't understand it. It's not going to help the future. It could help encourage more hatred toward Israel, and isn't there enough of that already?

September 11th, Israel and Me.

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I still remember where I was on September 11th 2001. In this living room, using a computer and dial-up Internet connection that couldn't cope with the demands Imake on my current system or provider.



I turned the TV on to the news in the afternoon to see a plane had hit the World Trade Centre. At the time,everyone just thought it was a horrible accident.  Then I watched live as the 2nd plane hit. As events unfolded, I kept the news on, while I checked my usual haunts online. I was on a now-defunct bulletin board, where a thread developed in the General Chat section which by the next day had reached 50 pages. Unheard of at the time, it must have been quite a strain on my phone bill as I wanted to keep up.



Over the next few days, a number of conspiracy theories were spread around the Internet:




Mostly they were just a chuckle, but it's the one that's in the title of that page (the 'wingdings-911' bit) that concerned, and still concerns me here.



By the time this came to my attention, we'd all heard the Osama Bin Laden tapes blaming the attacks on America's relationship with Israel, but this one went further than that.



The details are in the link, but basically if you put the 'flight number' of one of the planes – Q33NY – into a Word Processing program, you got the following diagram : 



When a friend pointed out that none of the planes involved in 9/11 had the number Q33 NY, it was clear.Someone had developed that 'flight number' deliberately to make the point about America's connection to Israel. They had told a lie, but why? And what did Israel have to do with it anyway?



At the time I didn't even know where Israel was. Sure, growing up in the 80's meant I had heard something about Israel, Palestine, refugees, and settlements, but I hadn't paid much attention. It was 'over there'. Although I live in the UK, Ihadn't long returned from America (after events I did call the family I'd stayed with in America to make sure they were OK – they were).So I realised that if this terror attack was concerning a war, it could quite easily be 'over here'. Imagine stepping on a plane and being flown into a building to your death because of your country's relationship with another one halfway around the world. The 7/7 attacks were another 4 years away.



At this time, I decided to do more research. I ened up on the forum pages of The Independent newspaper. What I saw there was really very scary. Devout Muslims & Jews were calling each other names, and using words that sounded quite sinister.



This lead me to do more reading and research on the Israel/Palestinian situation. It's taken me 11 yearsto get to where I think I understand it, but even then I'm not entirely sure. I've tried to take a balanced view of a situation that doesn't affect me in my daily life yet, but could quite easily affect me or someone close to me if this goes on.



I want to elaborate and I've so much more to say. However, that's for another time, I've prattled on far too much here and if you're reading this at work, your boss may just be looking over your shoulder, and the last thing I want to do is get you into trouble :)



So that's just a brief introduction as to where I'm at. Soon I will have more to say about my thoughts on this situation and why I am where I am today, so please, stay tuned.











In the meantime, comment away. Thanks.


Please check the rules according to the first post. Ignorance is not an excuse, thanks :)

And on the third day he rose again....

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So I've been thinking a lot about changing up my blog. Spent the weekend deleting posts that were about nothing, in the hope that I can create a blog about something. So Easter Sunday seems to be an appropriate time to start my 're-birth'

Setting my stall out straight away. I am pro-Israli. I am not anti-Palestinian. I'm not old enough to have any impact on things that were agreed before my birth. So in my mind, there SHOULD be two states. We are were we are, as they say.

So this is bound to be a difficult topic. I've been around the Internet for years, seeing the kind of rage that occurs on both sides whenever this argument occurs. So I'm going to attempt to keep some order and some sanity.

Firstly, this is 'My gaff, my rules'. Don't like what I'm saying? Argue your point. DO NOT INSULT. Insults are not constructive and will be ignored and deleted. I reserve the right to delete any post I see fit. No-one is blocking your right to free speech. This is my site, and you are my guest. Feel free to take your foul mouth to another part of the web.

Some posts will be available to members only, so in order to get the best experience, I recommend you sign up. Although again, membership can be withdrawn, by me, at any time.

Religion - In discussions like this, inevitably religion will be discussed. Me, I'm antheist. I'll let you get on with it, just keep it nice.

I reserve the right to remove any post, at any time, for any reason. If you must hold onto a post, use cut and paste or take a scren grab.

This list of rules is not complete, and is subject to change.

There is a forum and guest book here too. Rules for that will come along as needed. Probably the guest book will be a free for all. That way we can all witness your idiocy (or intelligence) first hand :)